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Industry Investment

Industry Investment

Through financial capital, ecological construction and platform construction, build a strong investment data chain,
Comprehensively capture the information of industrial transfer projects in developed regions, and accurately locate the target companies with the most investment potential;
  • Platform Investment

    Establish a mechanism for information release, screening, tracking, and feedback. Through the secondary screening and matching of group/project information, create a big data platform for enterprises, use Internet carriers to form a management system from front to terminal, and realize the informatization and system of investment and service Globalization and nationalization. According to the full-scale enterprise database, industry analysis database, regional policy database, and the investment clue mining plan centered on the strong or weak investment willingness of enterprises, it makes full use of offshore incubators, investment promotion offices and other methods to capture the information of industrial transfer projects in developed regions in an all-round way and accurately locate The target company with the most investment potential.
  • Ecological Investment

    Pay attention to the cultivation of the entire industrial ecology and the flow of various resources within the industry. Introduce research institutes or high-tech talent seeds, continuously incubate new enterprises, jointly form a high-tech ecosystem, improve the closed-loop ecology of the park, and form a virtuous circle of ecological forests. Through the organic combination of "industry, platform, and capital", an ecological chain of investment promotion in the park is formed.
  • Capital investment

    Guide social capital to establish equity investment funds, create an integrated ecological chain of "funds + projects + parks", and realize the effective connection between capital and projects. By pooling funds, cultivating industries, promoting technological innovation and regional coordinated development, allowing enterprises and financial institutions to cooperate, based on industry, open up an entire industrial chain, and achieve the goals of developing strategic emerging industries, optimizing industrial structure, and accelerating economic transformation.

Through the construction of two platforms, build a strong vendor database,

Screening and introducing leading enterprises and industrial chain enterprises for project parks in various regions

Capital investment

Cooperation with government and banks

· Co-build industrial funds · Industry resource sharing · Corporate Finance Services

Cooperation with social capital

· Project joint venture cooperation · Corporate equity investment · Science and Technology Incubation Brand

Three-chain integration, forming a powerful advantage of [capital investment]

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