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Industry Investment

No worries about opening a factory

Help the government solve the two-way problem of difficulty in attracting investment and difficulty in opening factories

Truly "worry-free opening a factory",Let the world have no hard-to-open factories

Provide one-stop consulting services for companies that start factories


Professional industrial policy analysis and interpretation


Fair start-up and operation services, operation solutions, market research reports, investment analysis reports, etc.


Provide professional regional analysis reports, industry big data analysis reports, comprehensive diagnostic analysis reports, etc.


Industrial project landing plan and plan


Formulate business negotiation strategies and plans, and strive for industrial project support policies

Industry import resources

Integrate the resources of chambers of commerce, associations, industry organizations, non-governmental organizations, free groups, and corporate clubs under the United Front Work Department and the Federation of Industry and Commerce across the country

Third-party service agency

Finance, human resources, finance and taxation, legal affairs, etc.

Open up the supply chain

Exploring upstream and downstream supply chain customers through customers who settled in the Science and Technology Park and Manufacturing Park

Combination of production and research

Professors from large-scale scientific research institutes and high-end universities across the country, resources for interaction with enterprises

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