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Planning and construction

Industry investment

Product design

Industrial positioning, product details, ecological space, function utilization and forward thinking

Cost control

Procurement system, cost control system, development and operation control

Development and construction

Development scheme, project planning, development mode design, architectural planning and design; construction financial calculation, tax planning, financial management; development sequence design, project construction planning, schedule management, quality management

Wanshi construction mode

Intensive, modern, community, unified and platform oriented

Enterprise entrustment
Site selection
Government cooperation
Wuhua Park

Commercial construction on behalf

The client provides land and capital, Wanshi group exports its brand, and sends a professional team to provide the whole process management of project development.

Capital agent construction

To provide financial institutions with investment needs of park projects with services of project research and judgment, land acquisition and the whole process of project development.

Government construction agency

The government entrusts Wanshi group to be responsible for the whole process services of the project from planning and design, engineering construction, project management, investment operation, etc., and can also entrust services by nodes.

Cooperation mode

Client (whole process entrusted development management)



Cooperation mode

Wanshi group

1.Design Management
2.Engineering management
3.Cost control
4.Bidding management
5.Marketing management
6.Brand management
7.Delivery management

Development steps

Unified planning park

Expand the urban space carrier, unify planning, provide customized site selection and factory building services for small and medium-sized enterprises

Unified investment and service

Finance, human resources, finance and taxation, legal affairs, etc

Building public service platform

Provide full life cycle service for enterprises

Unified construction, customized

Building by Wanshi to build a fine park

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