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Planning and construction

Wanshi design

Wanshi architectural environment planning and design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is located in Minhang District, Shanghai. Since its establishment, with brand-new ideas and business means, combined with advanced architectural design concepts at home and abroad, the company has made full use of the advantages of designers and design standards, and conducted detailed research on the project market, so as to provide the owners with the analysis and positioning of products and achieve the goal Make outstanding contribution to customer group positioning. The hospital has excellent quality, reasonable structure, professional and effective talent echelon, strong technical force, perfect internal management mechanism and reliable quality assurance system, and large and medium-sized project design ability. From the development concept of the project, business organization, spatial layout and other aspects of the unique concepts and insights, and from the cost control to draw a lot of suggestive views, and do a lot of successful cases. The company serves a wide range of customers, including local party and government organs and institutions at all levels, local state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, joint ventures, etc. Adhering to the concept of the perfect combination of architecture and art, we are committed to creating quality space and tasting life, so as to realize the original demand of architecture as art.
The company will adhere to the core values of "architecture serves the society, design creates value", make full use of the comprehensive advantages of talents, technology, scientific research, innovation and brand, and basically form a collectivized industrial framework integrating architectural design, urban construction planning, construction information, engineering consulting, interior design, landscaping, industrial R & D and construction technology.

Main business

Engineering consulting

Project planning / preparation of project proposal / preparation of feasibility study report / planning and design consultation

Planning and design

Urban planning and design / Industrial Park Planning

Architectural design

Residential design / public building design / industrial plant design

Special design

Intelligent special design / landscape art design / room decoration design

Design management and control process

Project development stage
Design implementation stage
onstruction and implementation stage
Post evaluation stage
  • 1. Project basic data collection and site survey;
    2. Plan to take the local case, preliminary arrangement, etc
  • 1. Planning scheme design;
    2. The builder;
    3. Case design;
    4. The expansion design of architecture;
    5. Construction drawing design
  • 1. Elevation (material, detail) review;
    2. On site inspection
  • 1. Filing and arrangement of project design data;
    2. Summary of project design management experience
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