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Planning and construction

Linton construction

Suzhou Linton construction was founded in 2012. Linton is a diversified and professional construction engineering company. The service covers all stages of construction consultation and project implementation, from resource and strategic research, pre feasibility and feasibility assessment, environmental assessment and third party due diligence to project construction, project management and project implementation. Since its establishment, Linton construction has rich experience in land development and utilization, industrial park construction, intellectualization, steel structure and other fields. It has built a set of perfect engineering fine management system, which reflects the product value with engineering quality, achieves the goal of "entering and Surpassing", and realizes the best integration of development concept, design concept and construction quality. We have a persistent pursuit of product quality team, and unswervingly adhere to the quality line.

Product standardization control

Implement the fine management of Wanshi project, and form three product standard systems, namely engineering construction, landscape construction and fine decoration

Cost control

Target cost management, annual business plan management, dynamic cost tracking management

Three quality supervision and control

Project management department on-site control, external supervision company third party supervision, group supervision system special supervision
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