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Jiangsu Wanjia architectural decoration Co., Ltd

Since the company was founded in 2001, with the rapid development of China's architectural decoration industry, "Wanjia architectural decoration" under the new business concept has experienced a sustained and rapid growth process. The company has a large number of excellent indoor and outdoor designers, cost engineers, constructors and project managers at home and abroad, which provide sufficient technical and management personnel guarantee for the effect and quality of each project.
Wanjia architectural decoration has strong technical force in wood products and furniture processing and production base, stone processing and production base, metal doors and windows and curtain wall production base. Through industrial production and assembly construction, the quality, environmental protection and construction period of the project are guaranteed. It has laid a solid material foundation for the company to pursue zero defects and carry out standardized and modular operation, and has also won the recognition of the owners It can be well received.
Wanjia architectural decoration always adheres to the business model of no subcontracting and no affiliation, manages and supervises various projects through informatization, so as to achieve the seamless connection between design and construction.
The concept of Wanjia architectural decoration is "all members pursue zero defect".

List of awards

China Exhibition Hall Association
China Exhibition Hall Association
Construction enterprise qualification certificate
onstruction enterprise qualification certificate
Construction enterprise qualification certificate
Construction enterprise qualification certificate
Engineering design qualification certificate
Engineering design qualification certificate
Work safety license
Work safety license
Work safety license
Certification certificate
Certification certificate
Certification certificate
Certification certificate
Certification certificate
Kunshan Young Entrepreneurs Association
Membership certificate
After sales service certificate
Suzhou decoration member
Kunshan decoration member
Member of Suzhou Exploration Association
Kunshan exploration and Design Association
Exhibition Association
Kunshan high tech Zone chamber of Commerce
High tech enterprise certificate
Jiangsu Kunshan Huaqiao Economic Development Zone Construction Association
Enterprise credit rating certificate
Enterprises abiding by contracts and keeping promises
Enterprise certificate of abiding by contract and keeping promise
Pavilion Cup (Sanshui Xiaolin)
Tingbei (Gongqing primary school)
Tingbei (Shipu middle school)
Pavilion Cup (meggit)
Pavilion Cup (meggit)
Tingbei (Suzhou Hangzhou supermarket)
Tingbei (new town)
Pavilion Cup (Dayu)
Pavilion Cup (Huangcheng)
Tianbei (meggit)
Tianbei (meggit)
Qionghua cup
Gusu cup
Qionghua cup
Technician first
Third place for mechanic

Elite team

Wanjia decoration always adheres to innovation and talent training,
Continuously cultivate technical and management talents with both ability and political integrity. To the production, learning, research in one development path.

  • Design and development team

    Five of China's most influential designers, 10 national senior designers, 18 national outstanding young and middle-aged designers, more than 100 interior designer teams, and 10000 architectural decoration design teams are gradually moving towards the direction of "specialization and professionalization". We have set up hotels, office space, medical and health care, stadiums, lighting and other special offices. Our professional designers combine the latest design trends with the needs of customers to "tailor" the best solutions for customers and realize the perfect embodiment of customer satisfaction.
  • Project management team

    A team of registered constructors and project managers. After the company's strict training, after a long run in, unified management standards of the construction team. It lays a solid foundation for the quality control and process management of the project.
    Wanjia architectural decoration insists on not subcontracting for a long time. Based on the principle of non affiliation, the management of quality, safety, construction period, cost, service and civilized construction site should be implemented at every level of work with scientific process management and control system.
  • Marketing development team

    Covering a comprehensive marketing development team, a number of excellent marketing professionals for the team's big marketing strategy, for the national distribution network to expand in an all-round way.
  • Training and learning platform

    The company shapes the value and mission of the whole team through a good corporate culture.
    The company provides first-class learning and training opportunities for employees, establishes close cooperation with well-known overseas design institutions and colleges, laying the foundation for the sustainable development of the company and employees.

Business field

Including interior decoration, building curtain wall, mechanical and electrical engineering, intelligent, landscape architecture, furniture and wood industry, stone industry, art soft decoration and other design, construction and service comprehensive system, fully meet the various needs of customers in the architectural decoration project engineering. This way of perfect combination and resource integration realizes the unity of project design style and engineering quality, and achieves the service commitment of "one-time commission, comprehensive service". Let customers fully feel the service advantages of Wanjia architectural decoration, and realize the value-added of customers.

Architectural decoration

Building curtain wall

Mechanical and electrical engineering


Landscape architecture

Furniture and wood industry

Stone industry

Art soft dress

Intensive production

  • Factory production and assembly construction

    Wanjia architectural decoration has a strong technical force in wood products and furniture processing and production base, stone processing and production base, metal doors and windows and curtain wall production base, modern factory buildings, intensive production, firmly grasp the latest trend of the international decoration industry, strengthen the scientific research and development of new materials and new technologies, and introduce experts and advanced production technology with international vision Equipment, the decoration parts of large-scale industrialization into production. At the same time, Wanjia has also introduced many internationally popular modern decoration concepts into China, such as assembly operation of construction site, low energy consumption design of lighting and daylighting, and vigorously promoted the practice. Industrial production and on-site assembly construction represent the development direction of decoration.

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