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Technology Finance

Technology Finance

  • Give full play to the comprehensive functions of technology finance, and promote the interaction between technology and finance, regional interaction, and government and enterprise interaction. With advanced information technology as the core, we will create technology financial service formats such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Effectively gather technology, finance, investment, intermediary and other institutions to form an organically unified and interactive development of advanced information technology industry, efficient financial capital flow, and industry-finance integration services.

Financial service system in industrial parks

Integrate the resources of chambers of commerce, associations, industry organizations, non-governmental organizations, free groups, and corporate clubs under the United Front Work Department and the Federation of Industry and Commerce across the country

Equity investment fund

Pay attention to the future development prospects and capital appreciation of the invested company, and share risks with the company by participating in company management and major operational decisions

Securitization of Industrial Park Assets

Realize the transformation to light-asset operation through fund mergers and acquisitions, which means that long-term holding properties with stable income are separated from the corporate balance sheet, and funds are recovered through asset securitization (including ABS, REITs, etc.), and continue to be used in other industries Park development.

Comprehensive financial platform for industrial parks

Take industrial parks as the carrier and fund investment as the guide to promote regional economic development and create a comprehensive financial platform

Technology Finance = Capital + Technological Innovation Incubation + Enterprise Project Acquisition and Introduction

Relying on industry funds, establishing an industry platform, accurately selecting projects, and providing in-depth tracking services for post-investment projects, forming an industrial chain and building industrial clusters

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