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Park development

Park development

Accurate industrial research and judgment, product positioning, planning and design, and a dual development model of focusing on assets and light on assets, creating a unique industrial cluster park.

Positioning ability:Wanshi Group has precise industry research and judgment, product positioning and planning and design capabilities


Pattern positioning

Industrial chain, strategy, demand, integration and value innovation


Strategic Positioning

Development positioning, functional positioning


Customer positioning

Characteristics of corporate customer portfolio and entry requirements of corporate customers


Product Positioning

Park product ratio, park facilities and layout, business format positioning


Industry positioning

Regional industrial development stage, regional policy support, and the gathering of industrial talents


Business positioning

Property, investment, service, etc.

Five Park Series

  • Heavy asset model

    · Investment land· Development and construction· Sales and Investment· Management operations

  • Light asset model

    · Brand output· Asset Securitization· Build an industry incubation platform· Co-development

Smart Park


It is located in a standard factory building for pilot and large-scale trials, small and medium-sized production and assembly. The main products are standard factory buildings, and the park planning is based on practicality. Build industrial clusters and industrial complexes as well as science and technology parks.
Demand: 1-3 floors of standardized multi-purpose workshops cover an area of 600-3000 square meters; the main function is positioned for product pilot and large-scale trials, small and medium-sized production and assembly, etc.

Science and Technology Park

R&D office/production

The multi-dimensional park model of R&D office and R&D production is suitable for scientific research office, headquarters economy, R&D Chinese style, small-scale pilot and small-scale production. It is both forward-looking and practical to create an ecological green park integrating production and research.
Requirements: 2-4 floors of single houses + three-dimensional gardens, with an area ranging from 300-600 square meters; high-rise office buildings, with a single-story area of 1000-2000 square meters.

Cultural and Creative Park

Old reform

The Cultural Entrepreneurship Industrial Park uses the inventory activation method to import cultural and creative IP resources to form an emerging urban center of integration of work, life, and entertainment.
Features: Through the design and transformation of the physical space, it gives new vitality and functions to the old factory buildings and improves the urban interface.

Logistics Park

International or regional logistics center

Build a business office gathering place for logistics companies, build a public service system for logistics companies, and build a logistics information service platform; serve logistics companies and promote the development of the logistics industry.
Function and positioning: the function of serving city operation, service consumption, and service industry development; providing specialized services for industrial agglomeration.

Neighbourhood centre

Integrated business center

The scattered shops are concentrated in the center of the residential area, which not only solves the contradiction between the merchants and residents along the street, but also provides residents with greater convenience. Mainly based on the service industry, providing quality commercial and community service functions to community residents.
Features and positioning: indoor hardcover farmer's market + life supermarket + commercial street + community service facilities.

Industrial town

Compound characteristic town

Create a new urban area with multiple functions, implement industrial functions around the industrial ecosystem, allocate service functions around the needs of employment talents, shape characteristic functions around characteristic resources, and achieve industry-city integration; leading industries: manufacturing, housing, and community management.
Complex functions and sectors: culture, tourism, leisure, business, exhibition, research and development, incubation of scientific research results, and talent training.

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