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Park operation

Park operation

  • Pay attention to the industrial ecology and the development needs of the settled enterprises. The park gathers all kinds of ecological elements such as capital, services, industries, scientific research institutions, etc., needed for the development of enterprises, forming an ecological network of platforms with deep links and mutual interactions between various entities. Provide enterprises with ecological services such as entrepreneurial incubation, industrial development, equity investment, and public platforms, and make full use of information technologies such as "clouds, big things and smart" to establish smart ecological management parks.

Tripartite win-win principle


Optimize the layout, transform the city, increase the growth of new kinetic energy and the double increase of fiscal revenue and regional GDP, stabilize the social environment, assist in solving employment, precise docking, industrial agglomeration, solve the problem of scattered factories, rapid investment in the park, efficient operation, and reduce the pressure on the government .


Provide production companies with high-quality and efficient production office space. Provide production companies with one-stop integrated operation services such as property management, living facilities, talent services, technical training, etc., through industry funds to invest in outstanding small companies, and help companies grow the park's resource sharing and facilitate connections High-quality upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, support the development of enterprises in the park, unite and group together for mutual benefit and win-win results.


By cooperating with industry brands and leading enterprises, we will promote the development of enterprises in the park. Introduce third-party institutions for strategic cooperation, such as education and training, management consulting, patent declaration, property rights declaration, talent services, industry services, office facilities, etc., to provide service partners in the park with complementary advantages of Wanshi Group, resource sharing, and win-win cooperation.

Eight service platforms for park operation

Financial Service Platform
Investment in private equity financing, mergers and acquisitions consultants, equity investment funds, industrial incubation funds, capital linking, financial support and other specialized industrial upgrading services to help companies develop soundly in accordance with the norms of the capital market, and cultivate guidance to enter the capital market for listing, financing or M&A financing, Help business model upgrades, capital empowerment, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Basic service platform
Property management services, living facilities, business facilities
Entrepreneurship Service Platform
Office space rent reduction, industrial and commercial registration, fiscal and tax agency, accounting management, marketing consulting, legal services, inspection and testing, intellectual property services, education and training, investment and financing docking, financial consulting and other professional services
Resource sharing platform
Build an industrialized, technological, and internationalized specialized industry gathering platform, gather diversified industries, deepen the industrial chain, attract cutting-edge talents, provide high-end services, global vision and resources, and provide strong support for the development of the industrial chain of settled enterprises
Knowledge Sharing Platform
Provide a platform for exchanges and exhibitions, roadshow salons, and knowledge learning for settled enterprises
Policy service platform
Fund support, talent support, tax incentives, development support
Innovative service platform
Through the incubation model of entrepreneurial mentor + professional incubation + equity investment, provide enterprises with a full range of incubation and industrial services; through the establishment of a model of industry-university-research cooperation, guide relevant experts to settle in the park, enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises, and increase market Occupy amount, improve competitiveness
Human Resources Platform
Provide enterprises with services such as multi-channel recruitment, high-end talent headhunting, talent database, professional salary research, leadership training, talent assessment, personnel services, and training bases.

Wanshi Group cooperates with the city government to create a "five chemical" industrial park

01 Modernization

Smart city, modern service

Using artificial intelligence, information technology, big data and other technologies, the hardware and software are organically integrated and combined with the construction of garden-style communities to form an ecological modern factory.
02 Intensification

Reject fragmented, intensive land use

A certain number of industrial enterprises or even enterprises of the same industrial chain gather in one area.
03 Standardization

Planning, construction, image, operation, service

All logistics channels, pipe networks, clubs, network information, living facilities and other public facilities in the park are shared, reducing repeated investment, saving land, and reducing enterprise operating costs.
04 Platformization

Build a productive service platform

Construct a modern service system according to needs, including financial services, scientific research services, logistics services and other industrial service systems, as well as life supporting service systems.
05 Community

Solve the worries of the enterprise

According to the main living needs of industrial workers, managers, and enterprises, supporting the construction of living service areas will be carried out.

Smart financing workshop incubator platform

We build a unique incubator, accelerator and crowd-creation space with the science and innovation park as the carrier, using the Internet + "connection, integration, collaboration" concept, combining technology, incubation, marketing, management, and fund platforms to enable more Small and medium-sized enterprises cooperate in the development of science and technology parks, communicate, connect with platform resources, enjoy platform support, and finally realize the leap-forward development of enterprises.

Government resources

Docking with the Ministry of Commerce, the Economic and Information Commission, the Science and Technology Commission, the Human Resources and Social Affairs, and the cultural establishment, and integrate the government's professional policy support resources

Mentor Team

Cooperate with the Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Mentor Team, Entrepreneurship Guidance Experts, SME Volunteer Service Teams, etc.

Professional organizations

1.Docking professional industry associations
2.Cooperate with third-party service agencies to provide various professional services

Park power

1. Establish a team of specially-appointed technical instructors in the park
2. Form a team of youth entrepreneurs

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