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Wanshi Zhigu · Hai'an Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

  • The total area:200000 square meters
  • Project address:The west side of Kaifa Avenue and the north and south sides of Heshun road in Hai\'an Economic and Technological Development Zone
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Wanshizhigu Hai'an Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project is located in the west side of development avenue and North-South side of Heshun road in Hai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone. The total planning covers an area of about 180 mu, including industrial land and supporting commercial land, with a total building area of 200000 square meters, and is developed in two phases. The total investment of the project is 2 billion yuan.

The project takes robot and intelligent manufacturing industry as the industrial direction, and focuses on introducing auto industry automation, electronic industry automation, food industry automation, logistics automation, digital chemical plant, flexible manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing and other enterprises, and will build a modern industrial complex integrating production, research and development, science and technology, incubation, office and life commerce.

According to the "industrial town" mode, the project adopts the combination of "industry + commercial and residential". It is planned to have six functional areas, including high-end equipment and robot manufacturing area, R & D pilot area, enterprise headquarters area, residential and living area and comprehensive supporting service area, and build industrial community which conforms to the characteristics of modern industrial development. After the park is completed, dozens of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, R & D enterprises and scientific and technological enterprises will be accumulated, with an annual output value of 2 billion yuan and an annual tax of 150 million yuan.

In recent years, Haian has adhered to the strategy of innovation driven development, and has made great progress in promoting a series of reform measures for scientific and technological innovation. Haian ranked 14th in the list of top 100 districts and counties in 2019. Hai'an insists on putting scientific and technological innovation at the core position, comprehensively carrying out pilot work on the reform of comprehensive system of county science and technology innovation, and actively exploring the innovation driven development road with the characteristics of Su Zhong and Hai'an. This project combines the new requirements of industrial innovation and industrial planning of Hai'an Economic Development Zone, drives by scientific and technological innovation, and combines universities, research and development institutions, consulting institutions and financial institutions with enterprises to build an innovation chain of division of labor and cooperation, and an innovation system combining enterprise as the main body, market-oriented and production, learning and research.

The project adheres to the concept of "one Wanshi Park and one industrial development center", takes the goal of integrating industry and city, and takes regional concentration, industrial cluster and development intensive as the direction, guides the gathering of industry, talents and technical elements, promotes the breakthrough of scientific and technological research and development capacity and the improvement of service system, promotes the integration of upstream and downstream industrial chain and related enterprises, and promotes the integration of industrial chain and related enterprises Integrate with life, integrate urban ecological chain and promote high-quality development.

The park will build shared intelligent factory, enterprise accelerator, innovation service center and other shared carriers, and will be committed to building an industrial platform integrating "production, learning, research and use", and promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and become the engine of Hai'an Industrial Development.

The park will build functional buildings such as standard workshop, R & D building, talent apartment, commercial block and conference and Exhibition Center, and will build an industrial ecological group with modern manufacturing production as the main and production service and life service as the auxiliary, and will be a landmark park for the development of Hai'an modern industry.

The planned land for phase I of the project covers an area of 95 mu, including 73.61 mu of industrial land and 21.48 mu of commercial land. The total construction area of the project is about 100000 square meters, including about 49000 square meters of industrial building area, and about 5100 square meters of talent apartment and commercial supporting building area.

The project is highly concerned and guided by leaders of Hai'an city and Haian economic and Economic Development Zone, and has been strongly supported and fully served by the economic and Development Zone Management Committee and its departments.

In december2019, Wanshi Group signed project investment agreement with Haian economic development zone.

In june2020, the project investment promotion exhibition center was officially opened to the public in Haian Economic Development Zone building. At present, the investment promotion work has been progressing smoothly, and more than 10 enterprises have determined their intention to enter the project.

In December, 2020, 96 mu of land in phase I of the project was delisted. In February 2021, the project obtained the land use certificate of the land.

The project planning and design scheme has been submitted for approval, and the preparatory work of the project is under way. The first phase of the project will be officially started in may2021.

The project team will integrate the advantages of Wanshi group resources, take the guiding principle of "recruiting good business, attracting excellent enterprises, recruiting leaders and quick investment" as the guiding principle, building the park well and operating well, and creating new industrial highlights for Hai'an, a city full of glory.

The park will provide the enterprises with a comprehensive service system of production, operation and development, optimize business environment, highlight the drive of scientific and technological innovation, improve public service level, improve supporting policies, integrate supporting services for life, and create a modern industrial community model integrating production, life and ecology.



  • Two expressways cross the border: Qiyang Expressway and Shenhai Expressway
  • Two railways Link Shanghai and Hangzhou: Xinchang railway, Ningqi railway
  • Around 5 airports: Nantong, Wuxi, Changzhou, Yangzhou, Taizhou five airports around

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